Calling All Artists For Lotería!

Calling All Artists For Lotería!
Lotería is a cultural art event that will invite the San Diego community and the Arternal following to explore the historical significance of Lotería, a Mexican game of luck.
Similar to bingo, Lotería is a game of luck using images on a deck of cards instead of numbers on ping-pong balls. There are 54 cards in the deck with 54 different images for each card. The cards include images like El Corazón (The Heart), La Sirena (The Mermaid), and La Muerte (Death) reflecting the lore and artifacts present in the lives of the Mexican people for generations.
Arternal is inviting 54 artists to take on each card in this iconic 54 card game. Each individual artist will spend about a month developing their individual take on the card they are assigned. All these unique art pieces will come together into a one of a kind Loteria deck that will help to carry the story and culture for future families and friends. This way, more people can learn, enjoy and make it a part of their lives.
If you are an artist interested in this event, please submit your information below with your ideal Loteria card. We will contact you with more information and details about this event.
The Cards & Artists
  1. El Gallo [The Rooster]
  2. El Diablito [The Devil]
  3. La Dama [The Lady]
  4.  El Catrín [The Dandy]
  5. El Paraguas [The Umbrella]
  6. La Sirena [The Mermaid] – Konstant Be
  7.  La Escalera [The Ladder]
  8. La Botella [The Bottle]
  9. El Barril [The Barrel]
  10. El árbol [The Tree]
  11. El Melón [The Melon]
  12. El Valiente [The Brave Man]
  13. La Abeja [The Bee]
  14. La Muerte [Death] – Sirusianne
  15. La Pera [The Pear]
  16. La Bandera [The Flag]
  17. El Bandolón [The Mandolin]
  18. El Violoncello [The Cello]
  19. La Garza [The Heron]
  20. El Pájaro [The Bird]
  21. La Mano [The Hand]
  22. La Bota [The Boot]
  23. La Luna [The Moon]
  24. El Cotorro [The Parrot]
  25. El Borracho [The Drunkard]
  26. El Negrito [The Little Black One]
  27. El Corazón [The Heart] – Memo Hoffman
  28. La Sandía [The Watermelon]
  29. El Tambor [The Drum]
  30. El Camarón [The Shrimp]
  31. Las Jaras [The Arrows]
  32. El Músico [The Musician]
  33. La Araña [The Spider]
  34. El Soldado [The Soldier]
  35.  La Estrella [The Star]
  36. El Cazo [The Saucepan]
  37. El Mundo [The World]
  38. El Apache [The Apache]
  39. El Nopal [The Prickly Pear Cactus]
  40. El Alacrán [The Scorpion]
  41. La Rosa [The Rose]
  42. La Calavera [The Skull]
  43. La Campana [The Bell]
  44. El Cantarito [The Water Pitcher]
  45. El Venado [The Deer]
  46. El Sol [The Sun]
  47. La Corona [The Crown]
  48. La Chalupa [The Canoe]
  49. El Pino [The Pine Tree]
  50. El Pescado [The Fish]
  51. La Palma [The Palm Tree]
  52. La Maceta [The Flowerpot]
  53. El Arpa [The Harp]
  54. La Rana [The Frog]

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Background Choice
There are 9 primary background colors present in the Loteria deck: White, Black, Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Purple, Pink, Green. In order to promote a diverse and cohesive collection, we are limiting each color to 6 cards for each of the 9 colors. However, just like in the tradition Loteria deck, the use of other colors, gradients, and abstraction is fine (For Example, Card #4 - La Dama). Please submit your preferred background color below.

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