Artist Guidelines

PLAY the audio below to hear the Arternal Guidelines.

Hello Artists! Thank you for taking an interest in Arternal and taking one step closer to creating a piece of forever. My name is Isobel Dixon and I will be going over the visual artist guidelines for Arternal and working with the Gallery.

Arternal.Gallery was designed and developed by a visual artist specifically to sell art online. Arternal is currently seeking out original artworks from the best local artists to promote and sell worldwide.

Artists anywhere in the world can submit high-quality digital captures of their artwork to Arternal.Gallery at any time. All digital art submission must be at least 150 dots per inch and we prefer PNG files.

For exhibitions and events, original artworks such as paintings are to be submitted on 24 by 36-inch gallery depth canvas unless otherwise specified. Gallery depth is 1.5 inches friends. This includes traditional canvas as well as wood panels.

All artworks must be submitted, dry & ready to hang, at least ten business days before any Arternal exhibitions or events. Artists, please make sure to mark your calendars.

Please do try to keep your artwork as flat or two-dimensional as possible as Arternal will be having your artwork digitized after submission.

All artworks submitted to Arternal will be merchandised and sold internationally. After we digitize your artwork, our in-house graphic designers will translate your art onto museum-quality archival canvas prints, posters, t-shirts, and other merchandise and apparel.

You, as the Artist, retain all copyright to any artwork submitted and we will credit you as the Artist wherever possible.

The Gallery commission for all artworks sales is 25% of the net profit of each sale. This includes original artworks and any merchandise created from the former and sold through the Gallery.

We, at Arternal, want the absolute best from you, in that vein, we reserve the right to reject any artworks we feel don’t meet our standards. It’s nothing personal.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or leave us a brief message at 6-1-9-7-9-6-ARTS.

Well artists, it has been a pleasure.

Stay golden and remember friends: Vita Brevis, ars aeternum; life is short, art is forever.