ARTERNAL Call To Artists

For all you artists out there in the big city, all you creative rebels ready to create something new, I’ve been asked to relay a request from Arternal. This is a call for artists, and I do mean artists. We are organizing a once in a lifetime art event with you in mind. For more information, visit Until then, stay golden and remember friends, vita brevis, ars aeternum: life is short, art is forever.

Current Exhibitions:

Loteria Art Event San Diego Arternal 1080

Exhibition Title – Lotería

Exhibition Date – Friday, October 7th, 2016

Exhibition Location – Queen Bee’s Art & Cultural Center. 3925 Ohio Street, San Diego, CA.

Submission Deadline – Sunday, September 25th, 2016

54 Artists will be assigned to paint on canvas an image for a 54 card Lotería deck and exhibition. Artists will not paint the card elements, only the image or symbol represented on their assigned card. Arternal will digitize all originals artwork submissions and add card details (such as text, borders & numbers) in graphic design. We will then be able to produce a unique Lotería deck from the original art submissions amongst other merch. For more details and updates, submit your artist information below.


Choose your card from the available images above. Please beware that these cards/assignments may change leading up to the exhibition.


If you're an artist interested in working with Arternal on Loteria, please fill out and submit the information below. This will let us know who you are and we will add you to a list of Artists we can call on for projects, exhibitions, and commissions in the future.

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    There are 9 primary background colors present in the Loteria deck: White, Black, Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Purple, Pink, Green. In order to promote a diverse and cohesive collection, we are limiting each color to 6 cards for each of the 9 colors. However, just like in the tradition Loteria deck, the use of other colors, gradients, and abstraction is fine (For Example, Card #4 - La Dama). Please submit your preferred background color below.

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