Calling All Artists For Lotería!

Calling All Artists For Lotería! Lotería is a cultural art event that will invite the San Diego community and the Arternal following to explore the historical significance of Lotería, a Mexican game of luck.   Similar to bingo, Lotería is a game of luck using images on a deck of cards instead of numbers on ping-pong balls. There are 54 cards in the deck with 54 different images for each card. The cards include images like El Corazón (The Heart), La Sirena (The Mermaid), and La Muerte (Death) reflecting the lore and artifacts present in the lives of the Mexican people for generations.   Arternal is inviting 54 artists to take on each card in this iconic 54 card game. Each individual artist will spend about a month developing their individual take on the card they are assigned. All theseClick For More ∞

Jeff Huntington Paints Layered Portraits with Superimposed Images

Annapolis based multimedia artist Jeff Huntington creates in layers. His portraits, which include historical and religious figures to family members, make connections between seemingly opposing images using patterns and emotion. For example, a recent mural painted in his hometown combines the peaceful expression of a golden Buddha with an injured nurse in agony from a 1925 Sergei Eisenstein Film. Huntington works in a variety of media and size, from large scale murals to acrylic and spray paint on canvas, to oil painting and collages of magazine clippings. See more after the jump. More

Steve Kim’s Color Blocked Illustrations Capture the Virtual Experience

Los Angeles based artist Steve Kim creates haunting, colorful digital and ink illustrations mostly inspired by his virtual experiences. The majority of his pieces focus on a variety of modern themes, some sounding straight out of science fiction, including body possession to portraits of users that catch his eye on Tumblr. His interest in this type of subject matter undoubtedly rubs off of his professional work for clients such as tech blog Polygon and the Verge. See more after the jump! More

Studio Visit: Cyrcle Experiment with Glow-in-the-Dark Paint for “NOTHING EXISTS!”

LA-based artist duo Cyrcle use their graphic design skills to create clean, geometric images with philosophical underpinnings. Whether working on murals, paintings, or installations, their aesthetic combines Ancient Greek imagery with futuristic designs. For their latest solo show, “NOTHING EXISTS!” at Station16 Gallery in Montreal, they explored the divide between our perception and reality. Playing with glow-in-the-dark paint, they created a new series of paintings and relief sculptures. Contributing photographer theonepointeight recently visited Cyrcle’s studio in LA to give us a glimpse of what their working on before “NOTHING EXISTS!” debuts on June 4. More

Preview: Erin M. Riley, Alex Eckman-Lawn, Amze Emmons, and Jason Andrew Turner at Paradigm Gallery + Studio

Alex Eckman-Lawn Paradigm Gallery + Studio in Philadelphia is planning a group show that they envision as an antidote to our image-saturated culture, where we consume visual information so rapidly it all starts to become noise. “Scenic Route” will be on view March 27 through May 16 and features innovative takes on landscapes from Erin M. Riley (whose last solo show we featured recently here), Alex Eckman-Lawn, Amze Emmons, and Jason Andrew Turner. More

Preview: Micaela Lattanzio’s “Fragmenta” at Ma’ Showroom Gallery

Micaela Lattanzio fragments portraits into mosaic-like works that appear to dissipate into the walls. Hers is an unconventional method of showing photography. She cuts her photos into abstract shapes. While in some, the original image remains intact, in others, she uses the image’s newfound porousness to intertwine multiple photos at once. The pieces become visual puzzles where details are scrambled and our eyes must do work to see them as cohesive wholes. Lattanzio has a solo show coming up titled “Fragmenta” at Ma’ Showroom (Largo S. Agostino, Montefalco, Italy) March 21 through May 21. More

On View: “Life is Only One: Yoshitomo Nara” at Asia Society Hong Kong

It’s not manga. This is the starting point of a conversation that Yoshitomo Nara will host today about his debut solo exhibition in Hong Kong, “Life is Only One.” The show opened last night at the Asia Society, named after Nara’s painting “Life is Only One!”, featuring a child holding a skull as he contemplates life. In a recent interview, Nara shared, “When I was a child, the word “life” itself, of course, was a foreign concept. After turning 50, however, and with the deaths of people close to me and with the recent earthquake, I started to think about life more realistically – the limits of life, and the importance of what one can accomplish during that time.” More

Alexis Arnold Turns Discarded Books Into Crystallized Sculptures

Discarded paperbacks become the site of a scientific experiment in Alexis Arnold’s “Crystallized Books” sculpture series. Inspired by the ways that ebooks and websites have replaced the way many people consume information, Arnold began scavenging thrown-away books and periodicals. She grows Borax crystals on old novels, National Geographic issues, and manuals, turning the functional objects into fragile artifacts. As the crystals form, they re-shape the books’ pages, forcing Arnold to relinquish control of how the final product turns out. More Hi-Fructose Magazine